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2024.05.30 - 2024 May - La Juan D'Arienzo weekend
2024.01.15 - 2023 Dec - Stockholm Tango Festival 2023
2023.12.06 - 2023 Dec - Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez
2023.08.31 - 2023 Aug - Utku & Iris Küley in Stockholm
2023.05.22 - 2023 May - La Juan D'Arienzo weekend
2023.05.22 - 2023 May - Analia Vega & Marcelo Varela

Beginner tanguero guide photo2011 Sep - Геннадий Габриэлян (Gennady Gabrielyan) book "Tango Argentino - Справочник Начинающего Тангеро" with my tango photos has been released by Кнорус and is available on: In Stranger's Arms photo2011 Aug - Beatriz Dujovne book "In Strangers' Arms - The Magic of the Tango" with my tango photos has been released by McFarland and is available on: Amazon and several other internet bookstores
Beirut Tango Festival 2009 photo2009 Sep - My photo album "Beirut International Tango Festival 2009" has been released by Librairie Antoine SAL and is available on: Antoine Online
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