Carlos Gavito & Maria Plazaola


"CARLOS GAVITO is considered one of the last symbols of the Milongueros era, now in extinction. Born in Avellaneda, a suburb of Buenos Aires, Gavito started his professional career in 1965 with a popular show Asi Canta Buenos Aires for AMERICA 2 TV. He traveled to Columbia with Julian Centella to perform in his First Tango Festival of Medellin. In 1974 he toured throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. He alternates his activities between Hamburg and New York, where he teaches tango at the Dance Manhattan School. Carlos Gavito is an exceptional dancer, a passionate Milonguero and a caring gifted teacher. Carlos Gavito shares his talent and years of experience as a dancer and a much sought- after teacher of the authentic "Milonga", "Vals Cruzado" and Argentine Tango."

  Workshop - 27 August 2004
  Tango Show - 28 August 2004