Carlos & Maria Rivarola


"María and Carlos Rivarola are one of the most prestigious tango dance couples of recent times."

Tango A Media Luz

"I really enjoyed Carlos Rivarola's classes I took. His style of teaching was serious and the pace was great. He took time with each student to point out areas of need. Very patient, excellent style and focus on each move."
"I was immediately struck by CR's stage presence, quiet and understated ease and elegance of his tango moves. What I was pleasantly surprised by was CR's teaching ability. CR's teaching style mirrors his tango style. He speaks quietly, communicates effectively, and efficiently elicits desired changes in the student's execution of tango figures." "He is the principal dancer."

  Workshops - 16 & 18 October 2003
  Tango Show - 18 October 2003