Pablo Nievas & Valeria Zunino

Tango Fandango

"Pablo Nievas and Valeria Zunino are professional dancers with a vast experience in performing Shows and the teaching of Tango and Milonga.
They regularly teach in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Europe and Canada. For the last 5 years they have been one of the most popular teachers at the famous "Confiteria Ideal" Tango Salon in Buenos Aires as well as in other famous Buenos Aires Milongas such a "Porteño 7 Bailarin" and "Niño Bien".
They base their dance in a soft method, where strength is not used, thus varying between an open and closed embrace, which allows to perform very simple and also very complex figures, teaching the proper use of the space, putting special accent on the fact that Tango is one of the most powerful ways of communication, so that it is necessary to be connected with the partner and the music too.."

  Workshop - 17 May 2006
  Tango Show - 13 May 2006