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The PhotoTango website is a personal project, combining several of my hobbies.

My first hobby is photography. This passion began a long time ago (sometime in 1960s). Despite periods of limited photographic activity, my passion never disappeared, and has become very intense in the last 10 years, especially since I switched to digital photography.

My second hobby is tango – both tango dance and its accompanying music. Unlike the first, this passion is relatively new - only eight years old - but very intense. I not only take tango photographs, but I also dance and perform as tango DJ.

And finally my third hobby is computer programming. I have to confess that I am a computer veteran, and wrote my first computer program in 1968! For many years it was my profession which only ended around 15 years ago. So now I treat it as a hobby, which has allowed me to create my own website.

I am living in Stockholm, Sweden and dance tango mainly in the local tango society - TangoNorte, thus a majority of photos on this site are coming from TangoNorte's practicas, milongas and festivals. I am also visiting numerous other tango events and I always take my camera with me, so look out for updates on this site.

If time allows, I would also like to write a little more about my experiences, preferences and thoughts on tango music and photography.

My photos were presented on exhibitions in Gdynia, Poland in March 2007 and at the Zlota Milonga in Warsaw, Poland in June 2007. I also exhibited at the III International Argentine Tango Festival in Warsaw in August 2007, in Mitteleuropa Art Gallery in Stockholm in January 2008, during Stockholm Tango Festival in December 2008 as well as in the Museum of City Gdynia, Poland in November 2009. In September 2010 I exhibited my photos during the 1st Jordan Tango Festival in Amman. In July 2014 my photos were presented during the Close Embrace in Stockholm, in January 2016 during Thessaloniki-Istanbul Tango Fest and in April 2016 were exhibited in "Vitrine Ephemere" and during Abrazo Tango Festival in Metz, France. My photos are also presented in permanent exhibitions in two dance clubs in Warsaw and one tango club in Stockholm.

My photo album "Beirut International Tango Festival 2009" has been released by Librairie Antoine SAL and is available on-line at: Antoine Online

All photos on this site are mine and copyright protected unless otherwise noted.

My photographs are not only limited to tango. Here is the link to photos from my various journeys: Journeys

Jerzy (George) Dzieciaszek    info@phototango.net

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